School of
Bizcraft &
6 Month Coaching & Leadership Program
-Reach the truest depths of yourself and bring that out in others?
-Receive intense advanced guidance designed to fundamentally transform the way you  love and accept yourself and others?
-Re-create each area of your life to be in alignment with your true self and highest calling?
-Learn how to compassionately communicate with other human beings that inspires them to live their best lives?
-Become a Spiritually awakened leader?
-Fear of what others think of you?
-Awkwardness around charging what you're worth?
-Being a total twat to everyone around you when you get triggered? ;)
-The shame of being vulnerable when you are your true authentic self?
-Being half in and half out on everything you do?
The Volcano School of 
Bizcraft & Coachery
6 Month Coaching & Leadership Program
- Learn how to effectively and compassionately guide others into taking powerful life changing actions steps. 
-Become a benevolent leader to your peers, family, and friends. 
 -Learn how to research, market, launch and grow your own unique online business, or become a part of the Volcano Team after you graduate! 
2. "MAGMA" Personal Transformation Event 
4 Day LIVE Event:
-Create a crystal clear vision
-Clarify and Stretch Your Vision
-Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs
-Cultivate Friendships from all over the world
-Develop an Abundance Mindset 
-Create a Personal Manifestation Blueprint
In these hour long sessions you will strategize the clear path to your vision, break down the steps, and where you need to go next. Get deep and personalized coaching on how to evolve your mindset, your relationships, and your business. Uplevel your life. 
4. Added Benefits
-Increase your income by learning the skills and techniques of being a coach

-Learn the skills of coaching hands-on during the Online Coaching Challenge

-Improve your communication, leadership and business skills

-Make a greater impact on the world around you 

-Learn how to work from a place of magic
 $5497 Full Pay or $1088 a month for 6 Months
This is the final opportunity to take advantage of this price!
Apply Only If:

You feel a strong resonance in your heart and soul to do this work.

You are confident you can create payment for this program.

You're serious about dedicating your time and energy to reaching your highest calling through this program.

You're ready to reap the benefits of stepping into the unknown, and open to the magic that happens when you let go of limiting behaviors and thinking.  

Kim Marquez, Lead Volcano Coach
Kenna Tuggle, Lead Volcano Coach
Become a Volcano Transformational Coach
Support: We are a global network of powerful healers to grow and practice with. We have clients and coaches all over the world. Once you're in, you're family. You will build deep and lasting relationships with our family, guaranteeing that no matter where you go in the world, there will always be a Volcano there to meet you.

Empowerment: We'll help you discover your gifts, remove self-doubt, and step into your full power as a healer, entrepreneur and coach. You will learn to distinguish between the beliefs that serve you and the ones that hold you back, so you will be able to make decisions and grow from a place of full self-confidence.

Skills: We've made mistakes so you don't have to. Learn the most effective tools and techniques for being an incredible coach that people are drawn to work with. We will also show you how to integrate your coaching practice seamlessly with the rest of your healing business.
- Group Coaching Training Calls
- Weekly Online Masterclass Trainings on business building, communication, personal development and more
- 1 personalized coaching call a week with your Volcano Lead Coach
- 2 Additional Group coaching calls a week with Kit and Rosie
- Opportunities to practice coaching real clients
- Lifetime referral commission (varies depending on product)
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