Join The Active Volcano Membership
You’ve DECIDED it is time to commit to your own personal growth for more than just a week. 
You’re excited to surround yourself with others who are passionate about transforming themselves.

You’ve pooped your pants and sweat right through the armpits of your shirt with some hot and spicy coaching in The Get Your Shit Together Challenge. 

You’ve shown up vulnerable.

You’ve made deep connections with strangers. 

And we’ve done it with you, holding your hand, guiding you across the river. 

You’ve fallen in love with coaching and chances are you’re wondering what it would be like to have it in regular supplemental doses.

What becomes possible when you show up and surround yourself with others who are showing up?

Can you imagine if you continued the magic for 6 months? 
   (You know but not so intense and not so up your ass). 

Your friends really are your future.
    Have you ever heard the quote “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with?”

    I’m sure you felt the impact of that when you were immersed and surrounded by your Volcano community. 

    Well guess what? It’s BS!   It’s even more powerful that that. 

    A major study on the breadth of social influence was conducted by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler, examining the data set from the Framingham Heart Study.

    “If a friend of yours becomes obese, you yourself are 45 percent more likely than chance to gain weight over the next two to four years.”

    Even more shocking:

    “If a friend of your friend becomes obese, your likelihood of gaining weight increases by about 20 percent — even if you don’t know that friend of a friend.” 

    “You’re not the average of the FIVE people you surround with. It’s way bigger than that. You’re the average of all the people who surround you. So take a look around and make sure you’re in the right surroundings.”

    It doesn’t stop with obesity. This gets really wild. 

    “Perhaps the most telling study was of happiness. The two researchers found that happy friends make you happier — no surprise there. But if your friend of a friend of a friend is happy with their life, then you have a 6 percent greater likelihood of being happy yourself. Now six percent might not seem like much, but consider that other studies suggest that if I gave you a $10,000 raise, that would only trigger about a 2 percent increase in your happiness.”

    With that said, we would like to invite you to transform your life through Group Coaching.

    We would like to invite you deeper into the Volcano...

    Where you commit to yourself. 

    Where you surround yourself with people who care deeply, who will hold you hand while you poop your pants.

    Introducing: Active Volcano Group Coaching. 

    Active Volcano Group Coaching:

    This is the less intensive, more affordable, but still highly valuable option for coaching.

    Simply put: it’s less commitment, less time, but just enough to keep you coming back into focus every week.

    The Universe rewards those who are courageous, follow their heart, and believe in their power.  
    tell me more!
    Monthly Intention Setting Ceremony: 
    Get invited into beginning of the month private ceremony and intention setting with Kit & Rosie. The dawn of each month signifies a new intent, a new direction, and a fresh slate. Together we hold sacred ceremony for ourselves and our entire community. This is the first time we will be opening these up for our community to participate.

    Bi-Weekly Group Coaching with Kit &/or Rosie : 
    Twice a month Kit and/or Rosie will lead the community through a group coaching process on Zoom. This might include a group meditation, tapping, individual coaching, or a new process that everyone can participate in. 

    Bi-Weekly Magic Seat with a Lead Coach
    A magic seat is a no topic, no restrictions, all-in call in so that you get exactly what you need. A Volcano lead coach will coach you live in the moment and work with you on whatever it is you need support with.  

     A Library of Classes Taught by the Volcanos 
    Designed to help you excel in any area of your life, check out just a few of the class titles we have available below:
     -Business Building for Magical People  (Basic Bizcraft): ($497 value)
    -Finding Your Sacred Vision And Purpose. 
    -Allying The 4 Directions To Build An Abundant Business
    -Powerful Strategies To Get Your Clients On Board For Life. 
    -Building A Strong Healing Business While Maintaining Your Magick.
     -Tools For Getting Out of Your Way and Living Your Magic/ Magic for Life: ($497 value) 
    -The Science To Becoming Happier Healthier And More Successful! 
    -Listening And Communicating In A Way That Gets People To Listen! 
    -Solve Problems Effortlessly. 
    -Rewiring Your Neural Pathways. 

    10% off tickets to MAGMA: 
    Our live 4 day Personal Transformation event. At MAGMA, you will:
    -Illuminate: The barriers in your life that have held you back from embodying your ultimate brilliance. 
     -Dissolve: The limiting beliefs and ingrained programming that has kept you small for far too long. 
     -Inspire: Significant change and drive to begin to fiercely suck the juice of life and step into your full power. 
     -Connect: With many other powerful healers and creators from around the world and build a strong and supportive network that will feel like your new family by the end of the event. 

    10% off our Epic Yoga Adventure Retreats: 
    We've taken our clients all around the world to the most epic Volcanic sites to climb mountains, soak in hot springs and have ceremony in nature. At one of our retreats you will create will create a cascade of magic that flows through you igniting your life and the lives of everyone around you. 
    Added Bonuses:
    •  Community: We have an amazing and tight-knit group already established, they are international and extremely creative, compassionate, and excited to meet you! 
    •  Accountability: It's one thing to tell yourself you'll do something, it's entirely different when you have someone waiting on you to see if you followed through or not... How valuable is that? 
    •  Support: Our group is one of total support and positivity. There is a constant atmosphere of speaking loving truth to one another and holding everyone to their greatest possible potential. 
    •  Prizes: If you complete the monthly challenges, we'll enter your name in to win useful and hilarious prizes like Squatty Potties, Onesies, Yoga Swag, Magic Gems, and much more... 
    •  Access to all recordings: Recordings will be sent out after each call so you don't miss a beat. 
    •  Book of the Month: We'll assign a book each month that has illuminated us, and have a book club meeting at the end of the month.
    •  Networking Opportunities: Get the opportunity to meet and cultivate relationships with other like-minded people all over the world!
    •   First Pick Opportunity to be featured on our Podcast: Featured on iTunes.
    •   Member of the Month feature: If you participate  fully, you may win the coveted honor of member of the month. This would include a video interview and a written article about you, highlighting what you do, who you are, and how far you've come. This is also an excellent opportunity to practice your skills at being interviewed on camera and writing a self-promotion piece. 
    $108 a month for 6 months
    Pay in Full for $528
    (YOU SAVE $120)
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