The Little Volcano
3-Day Challenge
This challenge is designed to help you: 
-Clearly identify and break through what’s holding you back
-Step into owning your deepest power and authenticity

So you can:
-Take a courageous leap towards living the life of your dreams
-Consciously create relationships that feed your Spirit 
-Manifest a deeper flow of abundance and opportunities
starts January 13th 2019!
Hi, we're the Volcanos!
We're transformative life coaches and 
creators of this challenge. 
When you hear the words "Life Coaching" what comes to mind? 
If you’re like most people, you might cringe a little when you hear it. 

You might be thinking, Why would I pay someone to encourage me when I have friends? 

because your friends are always the first ones that give in and eat the cake with you...

and then you both get fat.
How many dreams and desires do you have sitting on the back burner getting scorched by the neglect of:
-Bad habits
-Or shit just plain getting in the way?
lets play a game!
if you had a magic wand, what would you want right now? 
-More Money?
-Better Health?
-A Deeper Spiritual connection?
-Clientele that actually pay you what you're worth?
-To quit your day job and live off your art/healing/yoga?
-The power of levitation? (JK, but I mean why not?)
Consider us your own personal Wand Shop. 

We want to invite you to the Little Volcano 3 Day Challenge.

The 3-day challenge is like going into Ollivander's Wand Shop and trying out all the wands you want. . . . And if you find one that fits, you can keep it. 

Coaching is not a magic wand, and it's not one-size fits all, either, but it can create some truly magical change in your life. . . . 

Check out this testimonial:
"My experience working with the Volcano family during their 3-day coaching challenge was nothing short but transformational. Kit and Rosie and their extraordinary team were able to crack my hard exterior and help me tap into my bigger and fuller potential. You know when you think about what makes you great and your positive, strong assets and you wish you could be like that 100% of the time? The Volcano coaching program wants you to be that person and then helps guide you to be that person, providing you tools and skills to make you successful. My goal from this coaching program was to help me take better care of myself as it relates to work. Not only was that accomplished but I have gained more confidence in myself and have seen improvements in my relationships, and redefined my sense of purpose in life." -Aya Porte
Welcome to our 3-day
Virtual Coaching Experience! 
This challenge is for you if:

-You have desire to create something greater in your life and you need a boost to bring you into alignment with your magic

-The way you're currently living, working, or loving is not working for you right now and you're ready for  change

-Your life is pretty good and you love a challenge

-You've seen the magic coaching has brought into your friend's life and you want that for yourself.

-You need someone to walk you through the process. This isn't just another program you do (or don't do) on your own. YOU GET YOUR OWN 1-1 COACH!  Your coach will be there to be your personal cheerleader, guide and butt-kicker. 
Here's the best part- it's only $47!
Here's How It Works:

-Vision & Magic: We will guide you through a deep and explorative process to help you tap into your internal universe and discover what's truly important to you. You will get your own personal coach to guide you through this process as well. 

-Clearing: Most people let fear dictate their lives and think constant negative thoughts, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. We'll teach you a sure-fire method to stop the "Negative Nancy" from getting in your way, and you will cut the cords on all things that block your dreams from manifesting. 

-Collective Energy: There is a contagious passionate, open, inspired energy about the group.  The Volcano Community isn't called #tribeoftoomuch for nothing.  You will be lifted up to become your most powerful self when you surround yourself with others who are doing the same. 

Session 0:  Sunday JANUARY 13TH 1pm PST

Session 1:  Monday JAN. 14th 7 - 8:30 am PST
Session 2:  Tuesday JAN. 15th 7 - 8:30 am PST
Session 3:  Wednesday JAN 16th 7 - 8:30 am PST

Bonus 30 min. Follow-up Call With Your Coach: 
Thursday, Friday, or Saturday 

Bonus Webinar: Saturday JAN 19th at 1pm PST

Have a schedule conflict? 
No worries, we will send you the replays.

We can't wait to share this truly profound transformative experience with you. to hear you, and see you, and lift you up to be your best. 

kit & rosie
& the whole volcano tribe.
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